cries with a whistle


cries with a whistle

This CD is for 90th birthday anniversary with many thanks.
The records in his Yubibue life was set in chronological order.


My impressions in these days

'Oh, My! 90 years old?'
I'm surprised at my age because I forget about it sometimes.
I was always really into playing my whistle, so my age was not important.

Now I'm home all day long and I sometimes listen my old records and look many photo albums. I remember my life with deep emotions and the ages when I played the song . They are my identities because there was nothing in my life without playing Yubibue. I made up in my mind that we set the memorial records in chronological order in this CD.

I decided my own way when I was 21. I played Yubibue like crying on the side of the street under the slogan of RETURN THE WORLD TO LOVE.
I think this CD is still crying now so named it.

Daizo Tamura

On producing

It took us a long time even to check these song's age on wondering at so many records and data. Machida Katsuhiko who supported Daizo as a sound engineer for many years help us on it. 
He perhaps had a hard time because many of records were open-reel tapes and the others.
We appreciate his help and broad-mind.

This CD tells us a accurate way of Daizo who is the founder of Yubibue a type of musical whistle with a index finger.

 Shizuka Tamura

Track Number


Daizo played in his forties
1. Indian Love Call (5/23/1954)
2. Intermezzo (5/23/1954)
3. Menuet (5/23/1954)
4. Farandole (5/23/1954)
-- from L'Arlesienne Suites Nos. 2
5. ISLE OF CAPRI (1958 radio on air)

in his fifties
6. Hoop-Dee-Doo (4/16/1964)
7. Granada (4/16/1964)
8. Piacer d'amor (4/16/1964)
9. Gavotte (4/16/1964)
10. The Peanut Vendor (4/16/1964)
11. Cuckoo Waltz (1/31/1966)
12. La cinquantaine (5/25/1966)
13. On Wings of Songs (5/25/1966)
14. Habu no Minato (5/25/1969)
15. Over the Waves (5/25/1969)


in his sixties
16. Marechiare (5/23/1974)
17. The whistler and his dog (5/23/1979)
18. Unter dem Doppel-Adler (5/23/1979)

in his seventies
19. Funiculi funicula (5/25/1989)

in his eighties
20. Dicitencello Vuie (5/25/1996)
21. The Merry Widow Waltz (5/24/1997)