If you have a forefinger, you can be a musician.

We get carried away with our own finger flute.

Why don't you join us for playing finger flute?  


Yubibue Gakuyu Kai members will perform in a recital
on the results of their studies

on 19st Sep. , 2015

at small hall, Nerima Bunka center in Tokyo.

12:30 Open
13:00 Start

Memi Grace will play FingerFlute!!

FREE for ticket

Daizo Tamura breathed his last on April 24th Saturday in 2010.

Spatial Moment

It's the CD produced by Dr. Osamu Kitajima including Memi's Yubibue sounds.
NewAge & Ambient
There are some sound samples.

Images 4 quatre

It's the CD includes Memi's sounds "Floating Bridges" produced by Sony records international. It will be on sale from Jan. 21st.  You can get from Japanese Sony Music site.



cries on whistle
Daizo Tamura

This CD is for 90th birthday anniversary with many thanks.
The records in his Yubibue life were set in chronological order.

Sample sounds
on the other site

Daizo Tamura was officially commended in Senboku-town 30 years anniversary from starting the town administration on Nov.3rd in 2003 in his admirable Yubibue life and publicity work for Senboku-town.

"LA voice" and "Jina online" those are internet magazines for Japanese, carried an interview with Memi in Japanese.


How to play Email

Whistle with one or some fingers in mouth makes big sounds and They use it for a signal and cheering or booing. They whistle along with folk music at Okinawa in Japan. We would like to make beautiful music with it. Finger Flute is one of the answers.

Finger flute was conceived and popularized by Tamura Daizo in 1934 at Kanda,Tokyo in Japan. He is a most important finger flute player. Most of the finger flute players started performing due to seeing Tamura's act. Now there are many players in the world and some people of them even perform on stage.

It's a great pleasure not only to whistle but to play music
 with the finger flute.

Let's play the finger flute!

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