How to play finger flute


I try to explain how to play it. 

I can't tell you it for certain and also video tape or CD can't inform you it's appealing for certain. I recommend you listen to a live performance.

OK please wash your hands before trying it.

The structure of whistle

You know a tin whistle like this and the flow of air.


If you make the structure in your mouth, you can whistle.

To give an example --For explanation--


The image of the structure,

To give an example of common whistling,



The structure of whistle is important. But this type is not suitable for music because the tongue can't move freely for change tone.

Let's play finger flute

Do you have index fingers? Choose one or the other
and bend your index finger like a hook. This way

Open your mouse! Please dent your tongue's center.
Like this

Now hold the index finger deeply in your mouth. Here is a cross section.

The upper and lower teeth should not touch the finger directly.

Please cover the tops of your teeth a little with both lips especially the lower lip.

Breathe out softly forward the center of the lower lip.

You will get some possibility.

If you have got sounds, breathe out strongly like a vocalist.

Well, this first step is very difficult, but a pleasure has started!

Once you start getting a whistling sound, you should use the opposite hand like this.

The tune depends on the tongue's positions.
If the tongue's tip is down, you can play low-pitched sounds.
If the tongue's tip is up, you can play very high ones.


Good luck!!!